Dual SIM phone or maintaining a dual identity on the internet… there can be a lot of reasons for you to be able to access multiple online accounts at once. With a browser and a computer, things are a way too easy. However, as far as smartphones are concerned, managing multiple accounts becomes a tad difficult.

There are developers like Instagram, who listen to users and give a provision to add multiple accounts from a single app, but then there are the others. WhatsApp, Facebook and lot more who think that a person can live with only a single account, even though he is using a dual SIM phone and can have different business and personal identities.
We have seen a method in the past using which one can change the signature of an app and clone it to run multiple instances. But the app is hard to work with (especially with recent security updates to Android) and didn’t give a 100% result. So to make things better, I would like to introduce to an app called Parallel Space using which you can run two instances of the same app and that too without breaking a sweat.
Using this app, you can run two instances of any app installed in your phone, like WhatsApp, Facebook, and even Uber and work both of them will work independently. So that means two accounts of WhatsApp, Hike, and even Snapchat, that too without root access. So let’s see how the app works.

How to Use Parallel Space

Once you install Parallel Space, it will automatically add Facebook+ and Instagram+ icon in the app drawer along with the Parallel Space app. This app is like a sandbox where you run all the other apps and just as you launch Faecbook+ or Instagram+ it will ask you to configure a new account. Just think of it as running a browser as a different user and both the app will work in parallel space.
After you launch the app, you will see a grid with some default apps. To add a new one, tap on the plus icon at the bottom of the page and you will see a list of all the apps installed on your phone. Just select the one you wish to add and then let the app do its magic.
The app will be added to the Parallel Space, and you will be able to configure as a newly installed app. I tried WhatsApp, Uber, Facebook, Messenger and every one of them worked like a charm. There is no limitation on the number of apps you can run in parallel space, and every app will keep on stacking up in the grid.
          THANK YOU:)