‘You & me together can make this planet a beautiful one’
With a ‘thought’ so beautiful and heartfelt this app has been developed to motivate people to come forward & contribute towards social causes. It is an app dedicated towards conservation of all good things in this world – be it mother nature, animals, our citizens or waterbodies. It is designed for people who aspire to make this planet a better place to stay and wish to make a genuine effort towards achieving that mission. This journey can start with a small pledge like planting 10 trees. After successful completion of a pledge one gets access to share that on social media, tag friends, challenge them and also grab points to redeem. With completion of one pledge,an individual graduates to the next level of pledge which could be – feeding 10 stray dogs, donating 10 meals to poor, walking 2-3 kms everyday ensuring a healthy body & reducing vehicle emission etc. It’s a great app with small attainable goals towards achieving a bigger & significant mission. Change can happen when you and me come together, and say ‘VPledge’. So, stand up & take your pledge. This app has been developed by two 13-year-old kids – Priyal Jain and Prateek Mahesh. So, vPledgers, come forward and bring a change!
To download on Android: