Google has eventually released Android N — AKA Android Nougat, AKA Android After months and months of beta variations, the very last construct of Android N is now shipping out to the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus participant, Pixel C, and widespread mobile 4G (Android One).

Android Nougat will make its manner OTA to those choose devices. the primary non-Nexus handset to run the replace can be the quickly-t0-be-launched LG V20, in order to launch with Android Nougat from the container.
“Nougat,” stated Google, “brings a variety of of latest capabilities to help make Android more powerful, greater efficient and extra cozy. It introduces a modern JIT/AOT compiler to improve software program performance, make app installs quicker, and take in less storage. It additionally provides platform guide for Vulkan, a low-overhead, cross-platform API for high-overall performance, 3-D photos. Multi-Window aid lets customers run two apps on the same time, and Direct respond so users can respond at once to notifications without having to open the app. As usually, Android is constructed with powerful layers of safety and encryption to hold your private facts private, so Nougat brings new capabilities like record-primarily based encryption, seamless updates, and Direct Boot.”
Google additionally confirmed it’ll be releasing normal updates to Android Nougat; in fact, it’s already were given the first one planned.
“We’re transferring Nougat into a new ordinary upkeep schedule over the coming quarters,” said Google on its Android developers weblog. “In truth, we’ve already started out paintings on the first Nougat renovation release, to be able to bring persevered refinements and varnish, and we’re making plans to bring that to you q4 as a developer preview. stay tuned!”
One big curve ball hangs over this 12 months’s Android space, and we only simply determined out approximately it. consistent with reviews, Google’s upcoming Nexus phones will not truly be known as Nexus telephones; no, they’ll use something completely specific reputedly — our money’s on Pixel.
The motive for this is uncertain at gift. however if you’re organized to study among the lines it would seem that Google wants to vicinity greater emphasis on its very own logo, as proof mounts that it will quickly begin retailing its very own-logo, domestic-constructed smartphones.
This year’s Nexus phones — built with the aid of HTC — should nicely be the primary (and ultimate) of their kind, launching under an as-yet-confirmed new brand name. these new “Nexus” telephones will also function a raft of precise software program features, aside from vanilla Android, so one can set them apart from other Android phones on marketplace.
Couple this with early get entry to to software program updates and a raft of lovely specifications and hardware and it starts off-evolved to look quite apparent what Google is doing: it wants to create its very own iPhone-style business in the Android space, in which it controls the whole lot from the app keep to the hardware.