The original title of this text – ‘Microsoft is currently interference laptops from putting in UNIX system, Lenovo says’ – has been emended to match the newest developments with the story. Please see the elaborated update at all-time low of the page.

It appeared it’s all love between Microsoft and UNIX system, however things may be on the brink of modification drastically terribly before long
BaronHK 1st discovered the problem once he tried to put in UNIX system on his Lenovo Yoga 900 ISK2 ultrabook, however the Redditor claims the restriction persists on different Lenovo devices like Yoga 900S and Yoga 710S.
As determined by Redditor BaronHK and verified by digital freedom advocate Techrights, Microsoft is currently preventing some laptops from putting in the other OS than the Windows ten Signature Edition that they ship with.

According to BaronHK, the problem stems from a proprietary technology that Lenovo uses to lock the BIOS of the devices and forestall users from putting in the other operational systems.
Lenovo has already confirmed BaronHK’s discovery during a review he left on BestBuy’s web site, however it suggests Microsoft is answerable.
“This system incorporates a Signature Edition of Windows ten Home put in. it’s fastened per our agreement with Microsoft.”