The name Noto comes from the phrase ‘No additional tofu’, that refers to ridding the net of blank characters (‘⯐’ , a.k.a. tofu), that square measure displayed once the required image from a particular language isn’t out there on the user’s system. Noto offers a chic, unified look out over languages and is liberated to use for any type of project.
The entire font family, with all its weights and designs, comes in in at a hefty 472MB (the largest packages embody ancient Chinese, Simplfied Chinese and Korean characters). you’ll be able to grab all of them quickly or decide solely those you need; if you simply need English, you’ll be able to simply develop the primary 3 little packages.
Google has additionally created those out there through its glorious recently revamped internet Fonts website. Plus, Noto is open supply and you’ll be able to transfer the look supply files from this GitHub repository. the corporate says it’s committed to keeping Noto up up to now and can regularly boost it as Unicode grows to support additional languages and characters.