How to Enable Hidden Offline Browsing In Google Chrome

As Mozilla and Internet Explorer already offer a “Work Offline” option to save and read later, Google chrome also has a similar feature hidden inside to do the same.
How to Enable Hidden Offline Browsing In Google Chrome

Step 1:
Type chrome://flags/ in the search bar of Google Chrome.
Step 2:
Search for “Show Saved Copy Button” (It’ll be easier if you perform the search using CTRL+F ).
Step 3:
You’ll be seeing three options. Set it to “Enabled“, and restart the browser.
Step 4:
The next time you start the browser without an internet connection and enter some URL, it will ask you to “Show Saved copy” if the URL you entered is present in the local cache.
Click it and you are good to go
After loading the saved copy from cache,Your website homepage will be your last saved website u accessed
The URL you entered must be stored in the local cache. If you want to access a particular page I’ll recommend you to copy and paste the URL in sticky notes or somewhere just before closing the browser.
Some of you may not find this feature working for the first time but it will surely run after a couple of restarts.

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