Audi RS7 performance review

Four doors, four seats, weighing close to 2 tonnes, endowed with extremely usable space, quite the looker and of course very, very powerful – this sounds like a recipe for something that’s sure to make you go bananas. Well it is. On the outside, it may look like the normal Audi RS7, but it’s a wolf in wolf’s clothing. Let me explain that bit to you. We already had the RS7 in India and yes we loved it, because it had a crazy amount of horsepower packed into a car that more or less was a nice looking luxury sedan. But Audi thought that 552bhp is not enough, which is why they increased the boost in this one.

As I said earlier, there’s 596bhp on tap and with the all-wheel drive format, this one is quick. Try finishing saying ‘Jack Robinson’ and you’ve already hit 100Km/h. Audi claims that it can do 0-100km/h in about 3.7 seconds and well it’s wrong. It can better that time any day and we managed to do it in 3.67 seconds, which is crazy and more on Audi R8 turf so yes, in a way, the planet Earth might be spinning thanks to this almost 2-tonne monster. Had it had a launch control system, surely, we’d see it shave a few tenths more.
At this point in time, you want to hear what that V8 bellows like, but sadly, the brilliant work on the insulation in the cabin keeps that exhaust note away from your ears; and well, that’s a bit sad, isn’t it? But, bring down the window and you hear the growl and roar of the engine. The electronically controlled flaps on the standard sports exhausts set a baritone that is not comforting for the people you fly past on the road. Yes, there were some people I managed to startle that day. The RS7 is quick and hence you don’t really get a sense of how fast you’re travelling, till your eyes go back to the speedo. But well, it also has a heads up display and this can certainly be managed then.
Audi has priced the RS7 at 1.59 crore and this means it’s about 12 lakh more than the standard RS7, which costs 1.47 crore (both prices ex-showroom Delhi). So, is it worth the extra bucks then? Absolutely yes! It’s one of the fastest, most usable and thrilling four-door coupes out there, which is why, if you have the money, this one will not disappoint.

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