It is although hard to believe but it true that an important official website of the Canadiangovernment was attacked and hackers didn’t leave any trace about their whereabouts. If you remember, last year Canadian government’s various websites were hacked during June. But at that time the responsibility was immediately claimed by Anonymous.

So, this Thursday, the visitors of were in for a surprise. is a Canadian armed forces’ website that is dedicated to recruitment and interested candidates usually visit this site for information purposes.
However, when people logged on to this link on Thursday, they found that the page offered information and statements about ministers and government officials in China instead of providing information about Canadian armed forces. Detailed information about Chinese government officials and their activities was the only thing available on

This went on for a while and then the site started displaying an error message. This was apparent that the site has been hacked and the page is redirecting visitors and users of to an official page of the Chinese government. According to sources from the government, this recruiting website was being externally hosted by a private host. It was, though, made clear that none of the servers at the Department of National Defense have been compromised.

“We don’t want to jump to conclusions, but when something of this nature happens … we treat it with real gravity, and we’ll investigate it. That process is underway right now,” added Goodale.

It must be noticed this isn’t the first occasion when that programmers have assaulted Canadian government’s sites in light of the fact that in June 2015 many sites quit working because of hack assaults. 
The duty of past assaults was asserted by Anonymous, the infamous however generally well known programmers aggregate. The gathering expressed that the site was assaulted in view of Bill C-51, the dubious observation enactment

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