Users are facing battery issues
after upgrading to iOS version 10.1.1
Phones reportedly shutting down
abruptly from 30 percent battery level
Switching off Raise to Wake
feature fixed issue for some user

Even though the
battery capacity on Apple’s devices is not impressive
when compared on paper
with its Android competitors, the optimisation of hardware with iOS ensures
that the battery life is never a concern for the users. However, the iOS 10.1.1
update has reportedly broken this perfect blend between hardware and the
software for some users, resulting in certain devices shutting down rather
User complaints
on Apple’s support forum, mostly regarding iPhone models, suggest
that the issues regarding the battery life are being faced by users post the
iOS 10.1.1 update come in different forms. Certain users have complained that
the battery life dies out after reaching 30 percent level while others are
claiming that the entire battery life drains out in around two hours without
any active usage.

Further, some users have complained that the phones
are showing a higher battery level while on charging but drops down to a
significantly lower level once removed from charging. The Next
Web notes that turning off the ‘Raise to Wake’ feature has fixed the
issue for some of the users but is not applicable to many other users.

Interestingly, the battery issue seems to be
prevalent on not just the ageing devices but also the latest smartphones by the
company. One of the users who contacted Apple Support regarding the battery
issue was reportedly told that the company’s engineering team is
working on an update to resolve the issue.

previously launched a repair programme to fix batteries for
those iPhone 6s users who were experiencing unexpected shutdowns. It
will be interesting to see how long Apple takes to resolve this firmware issue
given that this time around it is prevalent on most iPhone models.

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