So why did Google decide to release another router product when it already has OnHub? Whereas OnHub served as a single point of access to your home’s wireless network, Google Wifi forms a mesh network using multiple routers to cover your entire home.

Since you’ll need multiple Google Wifi devices to take advantage of its mesh capabilities, Google will sell a 3-pack of Google Wifi discs for $299.
“We launched the OnHub router last year to solve many of the everyday problems people encounter with home Wi-Fi,” Google wrote in a blog post following Wifi’s announcement.

“With Google Wifi, we’re building on that technology to create a system that provides seamless coverage for homes of any shape or size. OnHub and Google Wifi will work together, and we’ll continue to add new features to all of our Wi-Fi devices via automatic updates.”

Strength in numbers
If you already have an OnHub router, you can strengthen and extend the range of your network by adding on Google Wifi routers. The result is that you can move freely through your home and always have a solid connection, even when video chatting.
One of Google Wifi’s biggest selling points is its ease of use. Like the OnHub routers, Google Wifi intelligently analyzes your network quality and strength to offer you the best connection. For example, Google Wifi will constantly monitor network congestion and move devices to other channels for the fastest performance.

Best of all, you can control Google Wifi via an app, making managing your home network a breeze. You won’t need to navigate to a specialized site just to change a few settings like with traditional routers.
Google Wifi supports Wireless AC1200 2×2, which means the router can maintain fast speeds by utilizing multiple channels simultaneously. Each router features 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports so you can have a wired connection for a faster, more reliable connection if needed.
So far, Google Wifi looks like a great option for those who want consistent download speeds without the hassle of routine router management. However, we’ll give you the full scoop when we get our hands on the router later this month.

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