Facebook has started rolling out a new feature in its Messenger chatting app – Reminders. Users can now simply set a reminder for certain events from inside the app.

This means that whenever a user texts a phrase, for instance “Have to wake up at 7am tomorrow”, the Facebook Messenger app itself will show a Reminder setting option for the given date and time.

Also, the feature not only lets users simply set a reminder, but also edits the date and time as per user’s wish. Both the sender and the receiver can change the date and time of the reminder. There’s also is to name the event reminder.

This new feature inside the app makes it easier for users as they can simply set a reminder from there itself instead of closing the app, opening the clock application and setting an alarm there.

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Facebook claims that the ‘camera’ feature will offer special effects for more engaging conversations. The feature, that works quite similar to of Snapchat’s, shows a circular shutter button at the centre when users are in the chat list window. Tapping on it once, clicks an image, while long-pressing it records a video.

It is also possible to include artistic filters to images and videos, again similar to Snapchat. The social media giant has also added several stickers, frames, masks and effects to personalise the messages.

Furthermore, users can also add art and stickers to their texts. It can be accessed by tapping on the palette icon by the shutter.

Last month, Facebook rolled out a new feature — ‘Instant Games’ — to its Messenger app. Some of the games included in the list are Pac-Man, EverWing, Space Invaders and Track and Field 100M.

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