Cheap Smartphones

We all know the impact of Jio on our country. But this is just a start. Ambani has more plans to make our country one of the best in the world in terms of telecom and communication. 

The first plan is to launch a super cheap smartphone for everyone with 4g compatibility. This is to reach rural India as well.

Fiber Wire

Laying fiber wire across the country and offering a very affordable broadband service to the users is also in the list. 
 plans of Ambani to change the telecom industry in the country.

360-degree Plan

Ambani also plans to create apps to provide a 360-degree usability from entertainment to health services. Now this is something I can’t wait for. Already sounds so amazing.

A Complete Eco-System And Hardware

To reduce the usage of paper and to make evrything digital .Plans of launching a complete ecosystem of software and hardware is on an as well.

Multi-Billionaire Plans

Launch IoT products to help you communicate with all appliances is also a part of multi-billionaire planning of Ambani. If he can somehow manage to execute all these plans properly, India will surely become a telecom hub!

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