Hey, guys how is it going? Today I am going to share an article in which I am going to reveal a secret about keyboards and also so you a trick which will make you type faster forever. So let’s hop into the subject. Have you ever observed the keyboard of your laptop or computer? No? Well now I will show you what is the extra feature in it and why you should know about it.

We all use keyboards on a daily basis but yet we don’t know the proper usage and due to that, we lack speed typing. I am going to show you how you can type very fast in a proper way. Watch your keyboard close now you will find a raised edges on two buttons “F” and “J”. Did you see that?

And they play a very major role in typing process. As they are designed for the user to type without seeing the keyboard and for the speeding up process for typing. “F” and “j” are used b y index fingers of left and right hand. Now you can start the typing process and go on for hours.

This technique consists of two index fingers on F and J and the other fingers on te letters beside them. which will make you type faster because all the key letters are in your hands.
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